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SharePoint Enterprise Content Management

Mostly organizations seek to have document management, document imaging, records management and web content management solutions through SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Hire Dot Net Developer India specializes to offer complete SharePoint Enterprise Content Management solutions. We work with various ECM systems like as SharePoint, Documentum, Alfresco, Directum, DocVision, etc.

SharePoint ECM features:
  • Audit center / New e-Discovery framework
  • Bulk metadata Update
  • Content Drag & Drop
  • Content-aware switching
  • New task aggregation tool
  • Exchange site mailboxes
  • CMIS Update

Our SharePoint ECM solutions:
  • Help in processing of several forms efficiently and effectively.
  • Clean up onsite images perfectly.
  • Collaborate with various applications.
  • Help in efficient content and data management.

Our ECM solutions are not limited to above benefits but we also ensure best services for your web content management and business workflow so that you achieve great success in your business. HDDI focuses on your website content through our effective business processes as per your specific requirements.

To get SharePoint ECM Solutions or discuss your SharePoint ECM requirements, Contact Us.