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Hire Silverlight Consultant India

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform customer structure that allows developers and developers to provide Wealthy Internet Programs (RIA) and offers features that can be used to make combination foundation rich individualities. Silverlight growth can be used to make applications that can work on different internet explorer. Silverlight allows you run client-side applications without stopping the individual by relaxing the whole page and can handle rich video, sound and design.

At HDDI, we have core talented team of Microsoft Silverlight professionals with rich experience in developing media, design, movement, and interaction into a single playback atmosphere.

Why Hire Silverlight Consultant from Us?

Silverlight consultants are individuals with in-depth knowledge of Silverlight technology who practice and observe Silverlight developer of various companies in order to meet business objectives.We realize that your organization stands in midst of competitive business world and needs cutting-edge solutions at cost-effective prices to gain or retain competitive edge over its rivals. Hence we offer you flexible- Hire Silverlight consultant- plans, which you can take advantage of, to get your Silverlight solutions developed at very competitive price.

  • Pool of talented, skilled & experienced Silverlight developers
  • Good experience with different .NET technologies
  • Deep knowledge and experience in WCF and WPF frameworks
  • 24x7 support through Phone, Chat, and Email
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Immediate delivery
  • Complete access to the source code
  • W3C standard guidelines
  • Regular & timely updates
  • Daily work reporting
  • Daily work reporting

We help you not waste time through distant service and provide 24x7 supports to our customer. We also obtain a group of Silverlight advisor to guideline and recommend the most appropriate financial commitment and technique designed to your business. Our silver lighting professionals have broad range of experience in building applications.

Contact us today to Hire Silverlight Consultant at cost effective rates.