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Application Lifecycle Management Solutions

Hire DotNet Developer India (HDI) provides full ranges of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) alternatives beginning from taking specifications to launch of products at anytime and anywhere you need. It is a procedure of ongoing duplicating pattern of related actions to the application. We are knowledgeable & experienced company offering alm solutions from many years. Our alm remedy allows providing a wealthy and configurable foundation for execution of SDLC procedure.

We have highly skilled & certified developers who have deep knowledge in the website and they create ALM alternatives that handle and observe all the factors of your application development. It protects resources for handling and finishing all the stages like creating, developing, examining, implementing and continuing improvements. You need a correct ALM solution which helps to considerably improve the way of creating, building, examining and adjusting the application in your company.

Benefits of our ALM solutions:

  • ALM solutions help in automation of full lifecycle process and enforcement along with continuous monitoring of progress which finally increases productivity and enhances the quality too.
  • Our solutions help to manage the software development and delivery right from the initial requirements of defining to the changing and last to its release and beyond in your organization.
  • It helps your tools, processes as well as people to coordinate in an iterative cycle of inter-related activities.
  • It can also help you to address your current business requirements.
  • Accelerates better and confident decision making and improve sales.
  • Reduces costs through automation of the most repeated tasks and tools consolidation.
  • We develop simple to most complex solutions with variation.
  • It serves relevant real time metrics within the development process of the solutions and also to other systems.
  • Our solutions offer validation and compliance and addresses risks.
  • Provides cloud elasticity for ALM.
  • Our ALM solutions are designed to help you adopt proven best practices and help your organization to achieve its unique goals.
  • With our solutions you get increased customer satisfaction and speed of development while great reduction in costs.

Our developers are capable of developing simple to the most complex ALM solutions. With the increasing complexity the tools for managing the development also increases. ALM tools helps in harnessing the aspects like communication, collaboration and task tracking to be most successful.

List of ALM Tools:
  • Risk Management
  • Test Management
  • Requirement Management
  • Feature Management
  • Project Management
  • Build Management
  • Change Management
  • Issues Management
  • Release Management
  • Modeling
  • Design
  • Software Testing
  • Software Deployment
  • Monitoring and Reporting

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